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Winding down

Well the countdown is down to 8 days and counting till my ship date. Just a week from tomorrow I will be on my way to beautiful, sunny South Carolina for boot camp. I feel like I should be doing more this week, like partying or some crap. I am just gonna chill. The way I am looking at it, hopefully anyway, the countdown is really three days till I go upt to Binghamton. Then I come back on Monday, pack and get ready to leave the next day. I do know one thing. Before I leave I am going to be eating some good food. I really don't know what to expect on that front.
On to other stuff, I have been franetically looking for any advanced screenings of the Matrix Revolutions. So far I found one the day before at 2:30 but that does no good for me. I need one day earlier at least. Basically as far as this movie goes it looks as if I will be waiting till Christmas to see it. Besides that, I am just gearing up for boot camp. I started jogging everyday since last week, I try to play ball or some other form of exercise such as sit ups or push ups in addition to that, and I have been cutting back on the junk food. All of that is good but the bad part is that I am gonna be going against all that if I go to Bing this weekend. Ahhh well I'll have enough time to diet and exercise in the next few months.
That's all for now kiddies. Must go put food in my tummy.

Sidenote- I live in New York for anyone who didn't know, and as a New Yorker I support all of my Metro area teams. However I do have my favorites. In baseball I take a lot of flack all season from many a friend and family member for being a Mets fan first and a Yankees fan second. As a result of my affinity for the "not so amazins" I was told over and over again by "diehard Yankee fans that I was not allowed to pretend to root their team on. Especially after I had predicted before games 1 and 5 that the Yankees would lose those respective games. Awww man was it fun for me when the Marlins won the series. All of the Yankees fans whining about this and that. Blaming everyone they were loving only a day before, even their prescious Joe Torre. Say what you want about Mets fans, and even Knicks fans for that matter, but one thing is certain. We love our teams no matter what. We have to, they lose too often for us to get mad anymore. Yankkes fans are fun to watch lose because they are so damn spoiled.
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