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No Bing this week.

So it appears that my plans to go to Binghamton this weekend have been cancelled. Too much stuff going on this weekend with the Binghamton crew. Two of em won't even be there. Anyway that just means the trip is postponed. It's been a cool last couple of weeks. I finally got a ship date for anyone who didn't know. November 4th is when I'll be headin on down to the dirty south. As my good friend Joe said, "it'll be chicken, watermelon and grits for me." Mmm mmm I can't wait. I was happy to be getting a good six or seven weeks before boot camp but it seems that My ship date was a mere one day too early. Son of a bitch wouldn't you know it. The Matrix 3 comes out on what day??? November fucking fifth. Where will I be, on my way to South Carolina. Damnit, damnit, damnit. Ahhh well, guess I just wasn't lucky enough on that ship date after all.
On to football. I finally got my league started up after two weeks of action. Week 3 was our week 1. Anyway the league looks promising, and my team looks even more promising. My boys Joe Espo and Paul are back on board. They are mainstays in any good fantasy league I am in. New comers to my league include two uncles and my Mom's fiancee. Should be fun puttin a whoopin on them. In real life the Giants are 2-1 after another scare against Washington, and the Jets in all their glory are 3 and 0. Oops that's wrong I meant 0 and fucking 3. No Pennington means no wins.
Anyway thats it for now. I gotta go watch queer eye for the straight guy soon. Yeah I said it, those guys crack me up. They are really, really gay.

Sidenote-If you like good movies, and who doesn't, than you'll love "Confidence", starring Ed Burns, Dustin Hoffman, and my boy Andy Garcia. Excellent from start to finish. I really, really loved this movie. Yes I give movie reviews now.
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