kazaam dave be illin (vanedave) wrote,
kazaam dave be illin

so much for staying current

So right after I say I would be updating more regularly I go ahead and decide to wait a month to make a new entry. Well it's been an interesting month. I have been spending the last three weeks getting all my stuff together to get ready and enlist in the national guard. Boot Camp is starting next month. As I get closer to actually leaving I get more and more comfortable with the idea. My family on the other hand is not so comfy. I will be working as a paralegal assistant in the guard. Not as a peacekeeper or a repairman or any shit like that. I am working directly for lawyers who do not want any part of combat, or even going overseas at all. Started back at work yesterday, not much to tell there. Work is work. My older cousin from Haiti is staying with us for a few months. She's like my older sister, it's been so great having her around. The best part is that my brother's best friend Paul, is as goofy as goofy gets has a huge crush on her. He has no problem showing it too. It's just hilarious when he is around her. Anyway gotta go, showertime.

Sidenote- Football seaon kicked off and the Giants are 1 and 0. Good job guys. Jets, bad luck, maybe next year. Sup, Bing peeps. Be up there soon y'all.
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