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Nothing Special

I just had to post this interesting bit of Army news. Two things I found funny this week involving two of the officers from our JAG section up here.

First is my man Captain Ginsburg. Interesting character Captain Ginsburg is. Pretty portly man, probably in his mid 40s, and out of shape as hell. He kind of reminds me of "Big Pussy" from the Sopranos.As I mentioned a few posts ago, this week has been kind of rough on everyone. We have all been working round the clock on this thing called the MRX (Mobilization Readiness Exercise). Captain Ginsburg doesn't do so well on a normal day's sleep (he was snoring real loud during one of the company commander's briefings the other day), so this week has been pericularly hard on him. Yesterday we are all in the office working, when Ginsburg tells us he was going to the bathroom and that he'd be right back. 2 hours later Ginsburg was still gone and everyone was looking for him. Turns out the poor guy fell asleep on the toilet for two fucking hours. That is by far the best thing that has happened my whole time I have been up here at Fort Drum. I was cracking up.

Next is Captain Peitrangelo. He is quite the odd character as well. He is really skinny and kinda tall. Real nerdy type guy. Looks like he was routinely beat up for his lunch money as a kid. He kind of reminds me of Egon from the Ghostbusters. But I am not talking about the real Egon from the movie, I'm talking about the geekier and weirder looking Egon from the cartoon (without the cool hair).

This past week Captain Peitrangeo made the local paper. That is no big deal really considering the fact that we are currently in WhoGivesAFuckAboutThisTown, NY, but even more impressive is that he will be gracing, or disgracing, the pages of the national Army Times. So what did this guy do to deserve all the attention? A few months ago he and an officer from another section got into a heated argument over some misplaced laundry. After a few light shoves, plenty of name calling, and empty threats galore Captain Peitrangelo had enough. He bided his time then took his skinny ass to the State Supreme Court and filed a civil law suit against his ass. He claimed that he suffered emotional distress from the incident, that he was assaulted, and that the defendant in the case was guilty of defamation of character. Where did the defamation of character come from you say? Before this incident even occured Peitrangelo was already a bit of an unpopular character up here. Evidently he has a bit of a sordid past. The word is that he was caught in the barracks with some civilian guy a few months back, and let's just say that they were not watching football.

So with the ugly rumor of him being a homo in the military flying around already, the defendant in this lawsuit decided to use that as ammo.

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