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Gonna try something a little different today. Time to spread my literary wings a little and dabble into some poetry. Here goes nothing.

The Summer of Discontent- by David Salnave

It was the summer. The all too work shortened summer, which I never truly did see.
Never thought I'd be longing for school or a regular job. 9 to 5 would be great, just as long as it's not in Kuwait.
But wait, Kuwait's not a problem I am assured. As a matter of fact, the more likely destination's Iraq.
Iraq, you say. When I have only been out of training for like two days. Have'nt even really learned my job yet and yet I am going away. What the hell kind of bullshit is that anyway?
Truthfully they say, the decision is not set. We'll just wait till the last minute to tell you, we really are not sure yet.
There's a 40, 50, 60 percent chance. Don't get too worried and start to crap your pants.
All this waiting just driving me crazy. Want to fucking kill someone, but I'm too fucking lazy. Feeling like shit cause my parents are stressing. Went to the doctor's office and found out after some testing.
My blood pressure's high? Wow that's a real shock. "Is there anything in particular on your mind these days?" Asks the doc.
So now I am stressing over work, health, and war. Wondering to myself if can take anymore.
Truth be told, I can manage. I'll handle it in the end. The worst part for me is watching family and friends.
All worrying and wondering and not knowing what the hell to think. My mother and father damned near worried sick.
So I call them every few days and tell them I am fine. And that I can do nothing now but bide my time.
Answers come in short supply and never come real simple. There's always some complication some kind of ripple.
So what do you tell people to put them at ease, when you are not at ease yourself. When you don't know if you're going to war and you don't know about your own health.
You tell them to focus on the good and try not to think about the bad. And no matter what definitely don't be sad.
Whether it be two weeks or two years, I'll be home before you know. Don't stress yourself while I am gone, cause that makes time move slow.
So the next time you think about all the bad things that could be. Just remember too, that this stays true-God is watching over me.

Sidenote- Alright, for anyone who was expecting a little humor in this entry I am sorry. you are shit out of luck. I had to show a bit of my sensitive/feminine side for a change. I will take all of the gay jokes you can throw at me.
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