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Mmmm... Dancers.

Last night was a good night. I went out with some of my platoon mates to this town called Alexandria Bay. The night started off kind of slow. It was a Tuesday night in a small town, so I wasn't expecting much. We were at this bar called Bootleggers playing pool and being forced to listen to Dave Matthews Band. I like Dave Matthews but it's not exactly party music. After an hour or so of waiting for people to start showing up to this place, my boy Oliver and I decided to hike across the street to this other bar called Skiff's.Upon arrival at Skiff's the first thing we noticed was the biker gang crowding up the front door. They looked like a fun bunch to be around so we went in. Here's where the trip became worth the while.

Skiff had a dance floor about 5 feet wide, and on said dance floor were these two girls who I could only partially see due to the crowd of guys surrounding them. Once I got a better look I saw the reason. One of the girls, whose name is Arian (pronounced Ah-ree-on, not like the race), was just drop dead gorgeous. My friend said she looked like Samantha Mumba. He was right.


When me and Oliver first walked in she was dancing with another guy, and I kept glancing over at her. She was paying that guy no mind. She just kept glancing back with a look like she was saying, "come get this loser away from me." I sat down ordered a drink and before I knew it she was on her way over to introduce herself. Man, that made my end of it so much easier. We danced a few songs and talked for a good while. She danced so so sexy, and when I was talking to her I found out that she was a dance major in her senior year of college. Gotta love a dancer.  Another thing you gotta love is that she is from Elmira, where my boy Ollie lives. Now I really have an excuse to go visit him. I got her number told her I would be in Elmira first chance I got.

God damn I gotta get off this base.

Sidenote-How could anyone think of trying to sue Arnold for saying "girly man." This is what the people of California were voting for. Not for his energy policies or his stance on affirmative action. Would we try to sue Gary coleman for saying "what you talkin bout Mr. Senator" if he had been elected. Hell No! This is what America has been waiting for out of "The Governator."

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