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two weeks...

Well it's almost time for me to go. I now have less than two weeks before I ship out to boot camp. I gotta tell you, I am starting to feel it too. Time seems much more precious to me now. Prime example, everyday for the last week I have been online searching for the Matrix Revolutions advanced screenings. As I have mentioned before it opens worldwide November 5th, and I leave November 4th. I was searching today when I saw the news that it opens November 5th at 9AM. Just a few more hours is all I need. Ahhh well, life sucks.
As for other bullshit, it's been a real quick month. Time flies when you have a deadline looming. I turned 21 on October the 11th. My cousins took me out clubbing and drinking. They tried to get me drunk but two shots of Bacardi, one shot of tequila, a Vodka Cranberry, a Mike's hard lemonade (before we got to the club), and a glass of Hennessy on the rocks (my drink of choice as many know), didn't quite get the job done. They got themselves drunk but I was okay. Seriously I was. Anywho it was an interesting night. At the first club we went to (we went to two) I was dancing with this cute Puerto Rican girl and we got to talking about this and that. She turned out to be an engineer at Cape Canaveral at 24 years of age. I was quite impressed. I didn't want to talk about jobs and such much after that. The second club was fun but not as interesting. There was a decidedly younger crowd at "The Sound Factory." The girls were cute and everything but I definitely do not mesh with younger girls. I was talking to a few of them and they were fucking annoying. They just talked about bullshit. Maybe after the Puerto Rican engineer everything just seemed trivial. For instance one girl who was telling me that she was 22 and about to go work for her father's dry cleaning business. She looked good and all, and could dance okay, but please don't talk anymore.
Anyway enough about that night, in a bit sadder news this past week My grandfather in law died. He was my grandma's husband. I saw him all the time, but I didn't really know him all that well. It's no one's fault really, it's only cause he has been sick ever since I can remember. He had Multiple Sclerosis which left him in bed or in a wheelchair all of the time. He would be in his room usually when I came over, and I would go say hi but it was hard to understand him so we never had long conversations. The funeral was weird. I saw a lot of family I hadn't seen in a while and my brothers who are younger and a lot more emotional than me were visibly shaken. My youngest brother Louis cried a lot. I was not like that at all. I was sad because he's gone and all, but he has been sick for so long that I was not taken by surprise. I just tried to make sure I was there to support my Mother, Aunts, little brother, and especially my grandma. Death's like this one are always weird for me cause I always feel a bit of guilt. I never know if I am sad enough, or if the sadness I do feel even shows. Some people who feel similarly force tears and act miserable to cope, but that's not gonna happen from me. I am the type to try to find the positive in everything. In this case it was easy. My grandfather is not sick anymore. When I can't find the positive, like when my aunt was murdered, that's when I am broken up. When things don't make sense. I was talking to people about joining the military this past week who haven't heard yet. Some are sensitive some are not. Some people just plain ask, aren't you afraid to die. You know this funeral coming so close to my ship date made me think. I have always been the type to put myself in safe situations but here I am about to join the military, even if it is the national guard. So I had to honestly ask myself that question, am I afraid of death? I thought back to 9/11 and what I kept thinking back then when my I had family asking my dad to move out of New York City. Seems ridiculous now, but everyone who lived in New York then heard it from someone. Anyway, I just told people if something is gonna happen it's gonna happen. I am not gonna live my life waiting for something bad to happen, I prefer to just think that if God forbid something bad happens, I will be okay. Whether it's okay here on earth, or okay up in heaven. That's all there is to it for me.

Sidenote-Kind of a heavy entry there towards the end, so first of all this post gets the puppies picture. Secondly, my random thought for the sidenote this week will not be about sports, which is where my mind usually is, but rather on the outcome of the California recall. We all know the outcome but here are two things to consider. First, Gary Coleman actually got 12,000 plus votes. Gary fucking Coleman had twelve thousand people go to their poll centers and go through the trouble of casting their votes for him. Three cheers for democracy.
Second, Arnold Schwarzenegger won. Now I know we have all heard a million jokes on this subject by now but if you would like to truly appreciate the hilarity of this situation please do these two things.
1) I was watching TV the other day and Kindergarten Cop came on the superstation. Watch this movie (Jingle All The Way is also acceptable), and keep imagining to yourself he is the governor of New York. Your head will hurt.
2) Go visit our old friend the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard. If you can find one of his speeches online or on the news and play both simultaneously. Comedy gets no better than that.
I'm out kids, till next time.
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