kazaam dave be illin (vanedave) wrote,
kazaam dave be illin

Winding Down

This coming week is my last week of camp up here in Port Jervis, NY. I really don't know how to feel. Happy to be going home and seeing some friends before we go our separate ways, sad to see some of my kids go. Relieved to be done with this job for the summer, nervous about the fall. So confused right now. I do know this I am happy to have made it this far. We have seen 8 staff members canned and 2 more leave for their own reasons. I feel like I am on Survivor up here. I thought it would be real quiet up here but it has turned out to be quite dramatic. The athletic director up here, who knows shit about sports has been up my ass for the past few weeks for every little bullshit thing, one of the girl supervisors who is a total bitch has been itching my ass as well, the boy's director has been giving me grief for hanging out with some of the girls' bunks, and my co-counselor wants to change bunks cause he thinks our kids hate him. All I can say is thank God for the weekends. I stayed on camp this weekend and had some much needed down time. It is so peaceful and nice up here on the weekends. Popped in my music, took a few trips to the mall, hung out with my fellow camp folk, and just chilled.
And now to prepare myself for the last week. It's gonna be hard to say bye to some of these kids. Some of them really like me and I really like SOME of them. Real cute kids some of them. Here take a look...
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